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EA6 pilot series
※ Clamping unit

Widening four tie bars spacing, large range to meet the increasing injection mold sizes, make the machine higher value.

Mold locking using 5-point toggle system, deformation than ordinary machine is reduced by one third, stronger rigidity can adapt to the forming of precision products, and at the same time improve the mold life.

Special eject rod structure design, so that the installation of anti pull out of the rod is very convenient, greatly expanded the adaptability of the machine.

The high rigidity T type groove template mechanism is convenient for the customer to replace the mold, and the service life of the mold plate is improved.

※ 注射单元

The injection mechanism adopts the double linear guide rail design, so that the injection is faster, more accurate and more stable.

To increase the level of a servo power system configuration, the machine moves more stable, faster than conventional machines to speed up15% ~20%.

Using ceramic heating ring to heat up quickly, good insulation performance to save more than30%.

※ 液压单元

Using the world famous brand electric motors, the Japanese or German brand high pressure gear pump servo system, the response speed, the control precision is high, the energy saving is about 30% ~ 80%.

All the hydraulic components are from the word leading manufacturers, to ensure the stability and durability of the machine running.

Proportional back pressure control, so that the process of adjusting the wider range of products more stable.

※ 控制单元

Adopt professional Taiwan Techmation or Austria KEBA computer control core, to ensure the stability and efficiency of production.

PID intelligent precise temperature control module, setting off memory, and oil temperature protection function.

Mold open, injection, eject adopts high precision electronic control, ensure the response speed and stability control system.

Low pressure mold protection function, to ensure the safety of the mold.

Technical Specification:


Technical Specification:


Technical Specification:


Technical Specification:


Technical Specification:


Technical Specification:


Technical Specification: