H series oil - electric hybrid pet preform injection molding machine

Adopt independent electric motor melt method, effectively shorten the molding cycle time more than 50%, save energy more than 30% and melt is more stable.

Special ejector structure design, the eject out and back cycle time only 0.8 seconds.

Adopt European high precision PLC, cooperate with special program for PET preform mold, response speed faster.

The barrel heating adopts the nanometer infrared heaters with national energy saving standard, which can save more than 40% electricity, heating time faster and make the machine life longer more than three years.

Hydraulic series save energy with the best servo motor can save more than 20%, and faster response time.

The industry-leading mold open and close structure, special design for PET preform mold, allows the mold to bear the forces evenly and shorten the mold open and close cycle time by only 2S.

Advanced proportional valve control units, ensure high speed mold opening and closing, more stable and accurate.

Leading technology for the pressure valve unit, so that the melting and pressure action simultaneously, effectively shorten the molding cycle time.

The injection part adopts the bilinear guide rail structure with zero resistance, and the injection speed is faster and more stable.

Technical Specification:


Technical Specification:


Technical Specification:


Technical Specification: