About Us

Zhejiang Efficent Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, the capital of plastic machinery in China.

We set R& D, manufacturing, sales, services in one, set up four business units: preform injection molding machine, preform mold, manipulator and auxiliary equipment, smart factory data integration management platform; There are four main units: PET preform standard injection molding system (for PET /500g~7000g), PET preform rapid injection molding system (for 32-96 cavities), PET preform high-speed injection molding system (for 48 ~128 cavities), PP/PE bottle cap rapid injection molding system (for 24-48 cavities).

Turn-key Solution

Design & Management

  • Production processes

    Fully build a showroom-type production site, promote production in an orderly manner with a single piece of material flow, and carry out quality control for the customer's product quality concept with the following procedures, and create quality products with lean ideas on the scene.

  • Passing more than 10 years of design concept and professional knowledge experience in PET preform molding industry.
  • Continue to cultivate customers' sense of security, comfort and happiness as the theme of the company's customer relationship management construction.

Cooperation Brand

In the industry, we include the international high-end brands Germany KM, Japan TNK, Eaton, Japan NOK, France SCM, Germany Siemens, Taiwan Hongxun, Italy PHASE, Japan Sumitomo, etc., as the standard configuration of the working machine to ensure the accuracy and stability.