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Try the best to run on cycle time 0.1second more faster.
  • Injection unit adopt high precision double linear guide, friction rate lower, resistance force is lower on injection and plasticization, more faster injection, cycle time more faster.

  • Overall box structure machine frame, is much more stronger, clamping force more evenly spread out when mold closing, better mold protection, prolonger mold life.

  • The machine mold plate is equipped with T – groove structure, easy for mold changing over.

  • The optimized ejector structure design based on PET preform processing, have a more bigger ejecting force, and more faster.

Energy conversion high efficient, lower energy consumption.


  • High efficiency servo motor and imported gear pump system, energy saving up to20%~50%.

  • Increase the first or second stage oil pump motor configuration, increase torque , the load is lighter, the cycle time is 20% shorter than the conventional machine.

  • Using ceramic heating ring, heating up fast, good thermal insulation performance, energy saving more than 30%, can avoid products in the production process due to the temperature control is not accurate and plasticizing poor phenomenon.

  • The shot size is 40% higher than normal injection machine, and it is equipped with high-torque PET plasticization motor,  higher plasticizing efficiency and reduce cycle time.

  • The screw design which especially for PET resin properties, more lower plasticization pressure, more lower current, high efficiency.