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High Efficiency
New Innovation
High Output
EFFICENT standard injection machine, is a fully new concept PET preform injection machine, which design based on more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, and good understanding on injection molding processing and PET mold technology. We have much experience on application of the wide mouth jar preform, salad oil preform, water/beverage preform, cosmetics/pharmaceutical preform. We learned the customer’s production lessons on site, do our best to meet customer demand, to improve our technology, to make our injection machine more reliable, more closer to the market demand. Our injection machine is more compatible, and application to all various PET preform field.
Our injection machine can produce a wide range of preform, from 5g to 700g, we have full range injection machine, provide multiple machine model option for customers.
EFFICENT provide optimize solution in the PET preform injection machine field, doing the best to meet customer demand, and make sure customer get more benefit from our solution. EFFICENT is the first company that specialized in every different PET preform application, such as water preform, beverage (CSD) preform, alcohol liquid preform, cosmetic/pharmaceutical preform, wide mouth jar preform, edible oil preform, etc.
We have set up all production database for each injection machine, collecting production data and analyzing the data. It provide a complete database for sustainable development on machine upgrade and innovation. Each EFFICENT injection machine is more fast-cycle time, more lower energy consumption, helping customer to reduce production cost, and enhance their competitive advance.
Preform special machine range
  • Water/beverage Preform Injection Machine
  • Water/beverage Preform Injection Machine
  • Edible Oil Preform Injection Machine
  • Alcohol Liquid Preform Injection Machine
  • Cosmetic/pharmaceutical Preform Injection Machine